Memorándum de Entendimiento entre ASEA y EDF

Lauren Whittenberg, (512) 691-3437,
15 Jun, 2022

The National Agency for Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection of the Hydrocarbons Sector (ASEA) and the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), an international non-profit organization, leader in the creation of transformative solutions to serious environmental problems, signed a Memorandum of Understanding,  through which the “cooperation related to shared environmental objectives, focused on the implementation of actions aimed at reducing methane emissions in the Hydrocarbons Sector” will be promoted.

This Memorandum of Understanding provides for the exchange of information on the application of science and best practices related to the measurement and mitigation of methane in oil and gas, as well as the training of the ASEA personnel.  It should be noted that through this collaboration mechanism, ASEA reinforces the actions it has undertaken in this area.

This instrument will contribute to the implementation of the regulations on methane emissions that are currently in force in Mexico, which establish mechanisms to monitor and reduce emissions derived from the activities of the Hydrocarbons Sector.

In this way, ASEA and EDF will strengthen and expand their cooperation links regarding activities related to the environment and the Hydrocarbon Sector, issues that are of the utmost relevance for the Agency as part of its mission to «ensure that the activities of the Hydrocarbons Sector are developed with criteria of environmental protection,  social welfare and economic development».

In this sense, the Executive Director of the ASEA, Ángel Carrizales López, said that the correct implementation of the regulation on Methane will contribute to «ensure the right of the population to a healthy environment and advance in the recovery of the severe environmental degradation suffered by many regions of our country. We know that the challenge is great and that it requires close coordination between all possible sectors and actors, where the parties generate spaces for dialogue and participation, highlighting the need to align and coordinate actions under a focus of transversality and integrality».

For his part, the Associate Vice President of EDF, Dan Grossman, declared that: “EDF is committed to being a strategic partner for Mexico to foster greater energy efficiency, address climate change and minimize the social costs of methane in terms of health (morbidity and mortality), labor productivity and crop yields.”

During the event, the Executive Director of the ASEA, Ángel Carrizales López, and the Associate Vice President  of the Representative Office in Mexico of EDF, Dan Grossman, signed the Memorandum of Understanding, which will be valid for two years from Tuesday, June 14, 2022.  During the ceremony, the Head of the Planning, Strategic Linkage and Processes Unit of the Agency, Julio Camelo Vernis, was present.


With the signing of different collaboration mechanisms, the ASEA promotes coordinated work and closes cooperation ties with the aim of generating synergies that allow achieving the objectives that have been set in order to have a safer and more environmentally friendly Hydrocarbons Sector.


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